anne burrell/buffalo story
Dr D'Amico

I am in Buffalo visiting with my friend Sam,
master chef and food junkie, and we speak of
the usual, eating, and he lays a recipe on me
and then its on to cooking on TV and I ask who
he likes and he says: Ive been watching this
woman Anne Burrell—do you know her?


Sam describes: a big blonde, formerly sous
chef for Mario Batali and, according to Sam, a
gift for cooking but an even greater gift for
cooking on TV. She is bright, articulate, funny.
Also great looking. He advises me to check her
out and that night, on the prowl over  at
YouTube I do.

Here she is, the big blonde with this spiky ‘do
and a style I would describe as dynamic. I
watch half a dozen videos and am sufficiently
charmed by this creature to fill in some of the
blanks over at Wikipedia where I find the
following info:

1: place of birth: Cazenovia NY, the Southern

2: education: Canisuis College (Buffalo)

3: Major: English

Now if you are me and these particular stats
are fed into the 2 plus 2 equals 4 part of the
brain what you come up with is: my buddy
Jack D'Amico, English prof at Canisuis teaching
Shakespeare, a required class for all English

So I email Jack: Jack: do you know this
woman Anne Burrell English major, graduating
in 1990?

He says: the name does not ring a bell but let
me check my grade books.

He emails back: yes—a student and now he
remembers her—the erratic attendance kind,
but the kind he inclines to forgive if they are
fun when they do attend. Also he seems to
recall she took a minor in communications.

So that’s the story—a cool story but nothing
more unless you are from Buffalo, a city of
connections, of one thing connecting to
another, in this way, that way or the other
way, as in for example an amazing woman on
The Food Channel who turns out to be a
former student of your lifelong friend.