The Esquire interview  is a spoof—as can be seen from the date on the cover.

In March of 2003 I had a show of paintings, a two person show, the other person being Mary
Woronov (of Andy Warhol fame) and it was decided for us to do a reading as well, Mary a writer also.
She went on first and read a story and I followed with the Esquire spoof. I didn’t tell them it was a
spoof because then it wouldnt have been a spoof. What I said, by way of an intro, was: the staff at
Esquire were going back and forth during a meeting, trying out some new ideas and it was a junior
editor who suggested to put a little twist on the
What I've Learned feature. The format normally
profiled a celebrity type—a Jack  Nicholson type, a Julian Schnabel type, an Evel Kneivel type, etc
and now it was decided to depart from this format by interviewing a non-celebrity type, a complete
unknown, and my name had found its way to the top of the list.  

In this way I prefaced the reading of the piece. Following the reading a woman came up and said: I
enjoyed that. When is the magazine coming out?