four Tiger Woods  letters
(unpublished) to the Los
Angeles Times
young adam
with ewan mcgregor
and tilda swinton

The story: tiger woods, married with
two children, has 9 girlfriends.

letter 1:
"The public has a short memory,
but the wife has a long memory"

Letter 2: "Why dont they interview the
mother? She raised him"

Letter 3: "Maybe at the next tournament
he should autograph condoms"

Letter 4: "The call isnt Tigers call—its the
wifes call. And its a tough call because now
she has become
food for paparazzi--with a
vengeance. Before this story she didnt have
that problem and if she splits it reverts back
to Tiger--because he is the lure--besotted
with sex, the low life--and she can reclaim
some privacy. But thats the issue."