book review: how I made $2,000,000 in
the stock market
me and the market
the writing of From Here To Eternity
two doctors
fucking off in los angeles
me and sinatra
at the corner of third and kenmore
nine unpublished letters to the Los
Angeles Times
golf on a fulbright
grandmas meatballs
waiting for mom to die
the diaries of otto dix
me, zane and brookside
movie review:
down and dirty
remembering a father
my rise and fall and rise again in
the stock market
at riviera
charley rose interview
buffalo in the fifties
arenas cucina
at the driving range
thoughts for the month
myself as an antique on
antiques roadshow
remembering lois
haiku page
reading the neighbors script
radio play/bill leavitt
getting the ax
book review: alexander
you call this traffic?
golf on tv
dating a korean
rewriting somerset maughamm
no car in los angeles
esquire interview
a dissenting opinion on
interview with an interesting person
on the bus: the last
place this woman should
be shopping
naples '44
mary, me and canters
rowing the boat
when a painter dies
four Tiger Woods letters to the LA Times
sex alcohol and the post office
(bukowski script)
book review: frank
my most amazing student
me and probate
me, you and the market
pool tournament at
the elks club
me, buffalo and mother teresa
anne burrell
buffalo story
movie review: payday
meeting picasso (from The
diaries of Otto Dix)
book review: Because I
Was Flesh
movie review: naked
reading the obits
my netflix reccomendations